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A Case for Mediation

May 8th. 2014 Share on FacebookTweetEmail story
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Mediate BC has released a report titled "A Case For Mediation - The Cost-Effectiveness of Civil, Family, and Workplace Mediation".  Following is an excerpt from the report:

This report synthesizes the existing empirical evidence about the cost-effectiveness of
mediation. Literature in three substantive areas is reviewed: civil (including small claims), family, and workplace disputes. The following five ways that mediation, either directly or indirect ly, saves the government money were identified, and evidence of each is provided:

  1. By resolving conflicts outside of, or earlier in, the court system, limited court resources can be re-allocated to other matters.
  2. For both civil litigants and families, mediation saves money in legal and court fees that would otherwise be spent in the economy.
  3. Family mediation produces better psychosocial outcomes than adversarial approaches, and this could result in reduced use of publicly-funded social assistance and other social services.
  4. Mediation reduces conflict in the workplace, which saves businesses significant money. This boosts the economy through savings, investments, and hiring, and generates more tax income for government. Additionally, mediation reduces workplace conflict in the public sector–directly saving government money.
  5. Mediation can reduce the cost of civil litigation in which government and/or crown corporations are involved

Read the full report here -

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